20 deceptive photos that baffled the internet

Sometimes with our camera we often took pictures that looks super confusing and hilarious. Here are the list of twenty photos, baffled the internet and you must look at least twice to understand. Scroll slowly to the very end to find all the images.


1. The angle and the positioning of camera represents like a girl without body


2. Don’t trust your friend who tells you “I spend most of the time in the Gym”

Weird Body


3. A monkey rider




4. The girl isn’t lying on the sofa, look again


5. This is not something you are thinking of, look closely


6. its not a broken arm of a girl


7. Have you noticed the odd girl or this is something else?


8. If you don’t look close enough, you will blame your grandpa

this is someone’s knee who is sitting just behind the Oldman


9. You might be thinking the groom doesn’t have time to wait for the wedding night

But actually its the finger of a man standing just behind the groom wearing a different colored pant


10. The photographer made the image totally awkward


11. Women with the longest leg. is it?



12. is it the reflection of other trees on the water?

No, you are wrong, let see it from a different angle


A man lying on a uprooted tree


13. A man with a dog head


14. May be you are looking some cute parrots


15. They are not dwarf girls beside the married couple, They just sat on their husband’s knee


16. Always check the position of your skin color neck pillow


17. Now you know how trees reproduce


18. Cute buttocks of a lady

No, it is feet on heels


19. If you look first time to this photo, you will feel shy





20. Her legs were not photoshoped, She just wears a leopard tights that matched with floor tiles.




Thank you all of you who have reached at the bottom of this page. If you find those images interesting as well as confusing, Don’t forget to share to confuse your friends.


NB: We do not own any of these images, we have found them on the internet. some of the sources we found them are listed here : ©youtube.com , ©youtube.com, ©reddit.com, ©canfitness.com, ©pikabu.ru

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